Social Media and the Pilates Instructor

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If you follow me on social media then you know that I spend time during the week filming short exercise clips, posting pilates photos, coming up with ways to engage with my audience and attract new followers. When I took my first Pilates course there was no such thing as social media and I watched Pilates educational videos on VHS (yea I'm that old). I had no idea that posting on Instagram would be a part of my work week or one of the main ways I engage with Pilates enthusiasts. Though I have to admit, I do have fun with it, and living in a small town tucked away in the northwest corner of Montana, it made my community that much bigger.

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Through social media I've met so many amazing people in the industry from all over the world that I would have never connected with otherwise. At the Pilates Method Alliance conference it was very common to start the conversation with "Hi, we're friends on Instagram! So great to meet you in real life!" 

Besides connecting with others, has social media hurt the quality and individuality of Pilates instructors, and hindered their ability to develop a foundation for their own teaching?  Are we becoming cookie cutter instructors who can't tell you the objective behind our programming?

My advise to all new instructors is this: There is so much to gain from social media but first, develop your own style of teaching. Read and study as much as you can, on your own, through manuals, hours of teaching and self-practice.  Then ask yourself this: What quality of instructor would I be if I had to unplug?

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