Delia Pilates Retreats

Pilates Movement Workshops & Half-Day Retreat - November 3rd and December 1st

Part 1 - Core Foundations - November 3rd

Whether you're a Pilates beginner looking to kickstart your practice, an instructor seeking a deeper understanding of the method, or a fitness junkie wanting to improve the way your body moves, this workshop is for you! We will lay the groundwork for a strong core practice by breaking down the fundamentals of Pilates. This will give you the structure you need to learn control and precision. While core work can be a challenge for some, learning  the objective behind the exercises will make it more accessible and easier to understand. This workshop is ideal for all fitness levels and focuses on overall body awareness. Whatever your fitness goals, Core Foundations will help build the skills needed for a strong movement practice.


Part 2 - Pilates Progressions - December 1st

The subtle magic of Pilates is that the work grows as you do. Learn the tools of the trade to make the right choices as you take your practice to the next level. Recognize imbalances in your body, improve your yoga backbend and steadiness in standing poses, run longer and more efficiently. Pilates Progressions will improve your mind and body connection, and leave you a bit sweaty at the end. All levels welcome. Part 1, Core Foundations is recommended but not required. 

Cost: $100 per workshop, $185 for both workshops

Location: Dancing Spirit Ranch

CECโ€™s: 2.5 PMA per workshop


8am - Please arrive promptly to sign liability forms, pick up your bag of swag and place your mat. Water and healthy snacks will be provided. The Cowgirl Coffee Van will be on-site to take your order on arrival.

8:15am - Introductions

8:30am - Pilates Express Workout covering all 36 original Pilates exercises to get your blood flowing and your mind moving. Light protein snack will be provided

9:15 -11:45am - Workshop

11:45 - 12pm - Q&A Session

Thank you to our Pilates Movement Workshop and Half-Day Retreat Sponsors:

Carbon38, Freedom Deodorant, Cowgirl Coffee, Nutritiously Natalie

If you are purchasing both workshop, you will be initially charged the per workshop rate of $100. A $15 refund will be returned to you manually. Please contact Delia Pilates Studio with any questions.