On the Reformer & Springboard

Reformer Pilates

Reformer Complete will challenge core stability, improve flexibility, build strength, develop control and endurance for the entire body using only the Allegro2 Pilates Reformer. This class will work your deepest muscles for optimal strength and toning.  With a focus on form this class will be both challenging for the body and therapeutic for the mind and is limited to only 5 students to maximize instruction.

Pilates Springboard

Make these classes a regular part of your fitness regimen for a fun, focused and insightful way to increase energy and develop core strength. This class combines traditional Pilates matwork with a Springboard resistance training workout. These classes are formatted to provide a total body workout integrating a proper warm-up with upper and lower body strengthening and stretching. It is functional fitness at its best, with exercises in sitting, kneeling and standing postures as well as on the floor mat.

All classes and sessions are 50 minutes unless stated otherwise.