Welcome to Delia Pilates

A full mind and body experience.

 Mindful movement is exercise performed with awareness. It involves mental focus to train your body to move optimally through both athletic activities and everyday life. It's exercise that makes you move smarter. We hope to inspire others to experience the benefits of mindful movement based disciplines.


Delia Pilates® is focused on equipment Pilates classes and private sessions. Located in the beautiful resort town of Whitefish, Montana, the fully equipped studio provides a peaceful setting allowing clients to focus on the work and their bodies without the distraction from a gym or larger studio. Our mindful movement classes will lengthen and strengthen the entire body and sculpt your core. 

Image via Flathead Living

Image via Flathead Living

I can’t even begin to explain how much I love Pilates. Not only do I believe it’s going to make a difference in my skiing, but it has changed my respect for my mind and body. I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to work with Delia. I look forward to working with her throughout my career.
— Maggie Voisin, US Olympic Freeskier, X-Games Gold Medialist