Pilates Springboard

Make these classes a regular part of your fitness regimen for a fun, focused and insightful way to increase energy and develop core strength. This class combines traditional Pilates matwork with a Springboard resistance training workout. These classes are formatted to provide a total body workout integrating a proper warm-up with upper and lower body strengthening and stretching. It is functional fitness at its best, with exercises in sitting, kneeling and standing postures as well as on the floor mat.

Reform & Restore

This mindful reformer class combines fundamental reformer exercises with restorative techniques to bring your body and mind into balance. The class is designed to develop flexibility and core strength through flow and healthy movement patterns. Awaken every muscle and leave feeling refreshed, lengthened and strengthened. This class is designed for all levels and are limited to 6 participants, so you get lots of attention and form correction from the instructor.

Reform 30

This 30 minute jumpboard class could be just what you need to add to your weekly routine. Innovative and simple jumping combinations are combined with upper and lower body strength and flexibility exercises. This unique cardio / strength interval workout on the reformer challenges the core and total body strength while elevating the heart rate, all while focusing on proper jumping technique. 

Reformer Progressive

These classes are for experienced Pilates students wanting to progress to the next level. Intermediate and advanced exercises will be introduced as well as an increase in pace and coordination. Teacher recommendation only with a minimum of 10 reformer classes.

The Pilates Circuit

You will get a total-body workout using resistance training, cardio, and core work. Cardio sequence to get the blood pumping and muscles prepared for the challenging work ahead. 

PHIT // Pilates.High.Intensity.Training

The most effective Pilates  moves combined with resistance springs, and short cardio bursts, this high-energy class is non-stop and delivers results. PHIT is geared toward those who are comfortable with the basic pilates  exercises and have no physical limitations. Bring clean athletic shoes.

Reformer Barre

Our signature class incorporating Reformer & Barre Pilates. Combining the best lengthening and strengthening exercises on the reformer with our favorite sculpting exercises at the Barre. Perfect for clients wanting to increase fitness, and improve strength and alignment. 

Pilates for Runners |Glacier Challenge 5k and 8 mile race (6 week training)

Keep yourself in the running with this six week training designed to take you through all the mobility, strength and power work you need to prevent injury and improve your running performance.

  • the 90 minute workshop and take home 30 min pilates for runners workout.

  • 6 week running schedule

  • FREE 5k entry or Discount for the 8 mile entry

  • Guided run 2x a week (stroller friendly). Meets at Delia Pilates Studio.

  • Running tank

Time: 90 minutes | Level: All Levels | Price: $180

Date: TBD


Core Flow

Unlock a stronger, stabler new core that will enhance your workouts and transform how you move, look and feel in this 90 minute deep dive into effective core engagement and activation.

Time: 90 minutes | Level: Beginner | Price: $45

Date: TBD


Advanced Dynamic Reformer

Expand your existing Reformer teaching skills and exercise repertoire to keep your more advanced clients challenged and continuing to progress in this one day workshop.

Time: 90 minutes | Level: Beginner | Price: $45

Date: TBD


Essential Flow Pilates*

Move gracefully and safely from one exercise to the next in this breath-synchronized practice designed to energize and awaken your mind, body and spirit. Feel deep calming relaxation on the mat just by smelling the scent that accompanied your practice.


Pilates Progressions

Take your Pilates practice to the next level by learning progression exercises to safely execute more intermediate and advanced exercises. Break down the fundamentals and skills that are important to avoid frustration and injury when working towards more challenging exercises. 

Time: 120 minutes | Level: Intermediate | Price: $65 

Date: TBD

Lay the Groundwork: Pilates Workshop

Lay the Groundwork is a workshop to prepare for Pilates Teacher-Training and for fitness professionals who want to add professional-level Pilates work to their fitness programs.

The course is designed for students considering a career as a Pilates teacher or a prep class to prepare you for your training.  You will be introduced you to the Pilates teacher training process, lay the groundwork for your new knowledge and expertise and familiarize you with the foundational principles and fundamental concepts needed to support healthy movement habits.

The focus of this 2-day workshop will be improving awareness for posture, breathing and body alignment by exploring pilates fundamental exercises that the instructor will utilize as a Pilates teacher to introduce new concepts and exercises to your beginner pilates students.


·      Assessing posture and body alignment

·      Learning and understanding of proper pilates breathing and techniques

·      Build a strong foundation of pilates principles, concepts and terminology for teaching healthy movement habits

·      Learn fundamental pilates 101 exercises for beginner students. Working on your own body-awareness and improving functional movement